Adoption Snapshots

Yesterday, I rode past Planned Parenthood on my way home. As passed by, I saw someone outside waving a sign that said “Adoption Not Abortion”. This sign put me deep in thought about adoption for several minutes. Adoption is seriously one of the most beautiful and profound things I have ever witnessed. Because I work with foster families, I am growing accustomed to walking alongside families on their sometimes long journeys toward adoption.  In the past 6 months, I’ve been to three different adoption hearings and they have all brought me to tears because adoption is JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! At the second adoption hearing I went to, I had the unexpected pleasure of sitting in the witness stand because it was the best place for capturing photos of the whole thing- which was my responsibility that morning. All that business of taking pictures got me thinking about the snapshots of the life of the child being adopted. For each child, imagine that there are juxtaposed two small snapshots of what his or her life could look like. In one picture, his or her life would be filled with neglect, brokenness, abuse, and loneliness. In the other snapshot there is love, family, acceptance, growth,  and more love! So when the judge bangs his gavel and the paperwork gets turned in to the clerk, that child gets the happier snapshot… for life! When it’s said and done, something huge is different in the life of that child FOREVER!  It’s awesome!!! In fact, adopted children receive a brand new birth certificate when the adoption is complete. It is as though who they were before the adoption never existed- and so it is when Jesus washes away our sins and gives US new identities as members of His family.

If you think about adoption for long, and you love Jesus, you will eventually put the puzzle pieces together and realize that adoption is even more meaningful to Christ followers because God has adopted us as His children… for life! When Jesus chose to die on the cross for our sins, He chose adoption, not abortion. He chose to love us even when we were children of wrath and keep us as His own forever. He chose to not abandon us or forsake us, but to love us. He chose not to destroy us, but to save us, and to top it all off, He has given us a wonderful inheritance.

Below is a portion of The Adoption Decree:

the minor child shall henceforth be regarded and treated as their own child, and has all the lawful rights of their own children, including the rights of support, protection and inheritance;” and “and all persons other than Petitioners, are hereby relieved of all parental duty toward, and all responsibility for the minor child, and have no right or control whatever over said child.”


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Hello, my name is RoseAnna and Jesus has set me free to live my life for Him. I enjoy traveling, hiking, learning, organizing, hugging, hanging out with the HS and ice cream. I want to meet you as long as you're not a creeper... and maybe so even at that. :-)
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