Hand in Hand

So many analogies exist to illustrate our individual and personal relationships with the Lord. If you have been walking with Him for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve come to see Him in many different lights. He is our Counselor, Rock, Redeemer, King, Salvation, Shepherd, Strength, Source of Life, Creator, deepest source of love, Father and friend. This is the recount of how I learned to know Him as the Lover of my soul.

Last year when I was living in Mexico, I prayed a little prayer and asked God to help me fall in love with Him. I had heard of those people that have felt truly romanced by God and I had a hard time believing that such a thing was real and could happen to me, but in my curiosity, I prayed the prayer anyway. After spending a long time in prayer with my Discipleship Training School classmates, God broke through my selfishness, pride, and all the lies I had been believing for a very long time. He showed me that He sees me as pure and that He loves me. It’s like He unveiled the last and final layer of fear that I had encompassing my heart and I fell smack dab in the middle of love with Him. I was sitting on the floor of a small office where my classmates and I were meeting with our teacher of the week and I saw sunlight pouring through the window. It was like I had been washed absolutely clean and all that was left over was the love God felt for me and a new love I had for Him. For the rest of that day, and for many weeks to follow, I enjoyed a special time in my relationship with the Lord. It was in those days and weeks that I learned to see Jesus as the lover of my soul and I discovered the sweetness of trusting Him intimately.  It was then that I learned to walk hand in hand with God instead of walking wherever I wanted in live and trying to drag Him along with me.

I try to remember often that day when I fell in love with God. I try to remember the weightlessness that I felt and the permanent smile I had on my face for a while. I try to remember the things I said to other people in that time like, “I never want to get married if it gets in the way of this!” Or, “This relationship is better than any relationship I’ve ever been in or will ever be in!” And I try to remember why at the time, those statements were so true for me. Remembering the day that I fell in love with Jesus helps me remember why I still love Him and why I don’t want to go anywhere without Him. I do not want my hand to separate from His. I love Him and He loves Me.

If you’ve never been in love with Jesus, I encourage you to pray that little prayer and see what He does.


About gracecitylights

Hello, my name is RoseAnna and Jesus has set me free to live my life for Him. I enjoy traveling, hiking, learning, organizing, hugging, hanging out with the HS and ice cream. I want to meet you as long as you're not a creeper... and maybe so even at that. :-)
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