What The Heck Does She DO!?

What do I do every week?

Every week is different from the last one, but below is a list of things we do on a regular basis.

Weekly staff meeting at the YWAM base

Driving- it’s not uncommon to drive a few hundred miles each week

Visiting with  foster families that we support- tracking with the statuses of their foster placements- keeping in the loop with court dates, termination of parental rights, reunification processes with biological families, health problems and also progress and improvements

Praying and fasting with and for families that are going through particularly difficult times with their children

Sorting clothes/ toys/ and other donations in our Foster Connect storage garage

Gathering and delivering donations to foster families in our network as needed- generously

Picking up large donations (We had a school do a fundraiser for new car seats for us to give away, and a store is currently doing a diaper drive for us so I’ll soon have to go pick up what they’ve collected.)

Raising awareness for the needs of foster care in churches and at conferences

Maintaining relationships with and expressing gratitude to different groups, churches, and organizations that work alongside us

Going to adoption hearings with families- so awesome!

Meeting for regular prayer and worship at the YWAM base

Planning and organizing ways to network our foster families together so they can also support one another – we had a picnic at a park last month and we have  a camping trip coming up this month

Emailing people in our network about needs of other families and resources that are available for them

Giving discipleship to foster parents so that they can disciple the kids that are placed with them in a God honoring way

And in my personal life:

I attend Grace Point Church and have recently started serving on the “first impressions team” and joined a small group/ community group

I exercise

I hang out with the friends God has brought into my life and the Biggerstaff family

I’m on facebook! 🙂


About gracecitylights

Hello, my name is RoseAnna and Jesus has set me free to live my life for Him. I enjoy traveling, hiking, learning, organizing, hugging, hanging out with the HS and ice cream. I want to meet you as long as you're not a creeper... and maybe so even at that. :-)
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