Six Months- Thoughts

Some moments slip through my hands so rapidly that I struggle frantically to hold on to them. Other moments drag me along with them against my will for what can seem to be an eternity. Just like most of my life, the last six months here in Sin City Grace City have been filled with a combination of these moments. I wish I could better remember my first night here but I was so absolutely exhausted from the stress of moving to a new life that I could barely focus on getting my luggage off the conveyor belt. I wish I could forget some of the stories I’ve listened to as people have poured out their hearts to me as they’ve shared with me the brokenness in their lives and the lives of their children. Because God has blessed me with the gift of empathy, I feel better quipped to do the work that He has called me to do, but having such a gift makes it so that when someone tells me their story, it’s like I am living it for myself in some small way. When I hear about injuries, emotional abuse, or death, I feel as if part of my soul has taken the blow. I care and therefore I carry the burdens of life with these foster families. All too often they have no one else who understands or prays with them on these matters which are so close to the heart of God. And it is because He cares, that even when I do take on the worries of this world and the pain that someone else is under, I do not have to keep it to myself. Jesus is with me in all my moments and He carries my burdens with me. In the past six months, I have learned to be empathetic in a healthy way. It has been an important lesson learned in the moments of  my life.


About gracecitylights

Hello, my name is RoseAnna and Jesus has set me free to live my life for Him. I enjoy traveling, hiking, learning, organizing, hugging, hanging out with the HS and ice cream. I want to meet you as long as you're not a creeper... and maybe so even at that. :-)
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