Suitcase City

Having never been to “Sin City” before I moved here a few short months ago, there was no way I could have known I would love it so much. However, I do love it.  I feel like Las Vegas is my city and God has been preparing me for a long time to live in this big city and love it. Most of the people here are from somewhere else and are just living here for a short while while they get through some season on their lives so they can move somewhere else “better”. It’s a fairly superficial city. In fact, one of the thoughts that kept running though my mind when I first saw the strip- the down town area with all the hotels and tourist attractions- was how superficial everything looks. The buildings are all modern looking… like a gigantic, over-sized model city. When I see it all lit up at night, it still looks so surreal to me… like it could be made out of paper or plastic and just fall down with a strong wind. And, I don’t mean that the buildings are not built well because there are often strong winds here and the buildings are all still standing. I just mean that in most cities, I feel like older buildings give the city a feeling of being “grounded” or having deep roots; like it’s not going anywhere. This city doesn’t have that feeling. It has the feeling like the whole city could just pack up and disappear overnight. I still love it though. I love it because God loves it. He loves this city because people live here and He loves people. So, it’s good enough for me. I think I’ll stay.


About gracecitylights

Hello, my name is RoseAnna and Jesus has set me free to live my life for Him. I enjoy traveling, hiking, learning, organizing, hugging, hanging out with the HS and ice cream. I want to meet you as long as you're not a creeper... and maybe so even at that. :-)
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